First Post!

Ekkk! The first post, how nerve wracking. It’s like the same anxiety as a first day of school. What if no body likes me? What if I don’t know anyone? What table do I go to eat my lunch? Will they let me sit with them? I have to play it cool. Don’t tell them your whole life story, let them get to know you first. It’s funny how all these years of first day of school pep talks I have given my kids and yet all my wonderful words of encouragement have escaped me. Could it be the many Pinterest blogs I was reading about the importance of your first post getting to me? Do this, don’t do this, follow this checklist. It’s not like I am trying to get into Yale or become a millionaire. I just want to share my experiences in this crazy life of mine in hopes it could help anyone in the same boat or at least give some comic relief. 

With that said, today was actually a pretty chill day. It started off with my husband having a reaction to poppy seeds interacting with a new medication dosage (making him high) by 6am, the older 2 went to camp and then their dad’s, I had a lovely conversation with my husbands neurologist confirming he was just high, no real need to worry and no more poppy seed bagels and HR and I started this blog as this was pretty much what my personal fb page was becoming. Well we tried to start this in between his daredevil breaks (picture featured on ig: @mythreedotlife). Now it’s time for this Momma to make the most of her quiet time knowing full well tomorrow is a new day…

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