Where Are Your Pants?!

It is a phrase I feel I say way too often on a daily basis, “where are your pants?!” That question alone isn’t even always a question. Some times It’s a straight out exclamation and you would think since I have been a mom to a boy for 9 years that by now I would have an answer but I don’t. And why only the pants? Why is the shirt ok but not the pants? Or in my toddlers case it’s the pants and the diaper gone but the shirt (which he can get off) remains. Then he runs around the house like a maniac laughing his little white moon off until I catch him in another room “exploring himself” and feel like I walked in on a teenager in a teeny tiny body. Or if it’s cold I catch him pulling his shirt over his knees and folding into a ball ready to roll away. It’s in that exact moment I have no other option but to ask why not just leave your pants on in the first place, but I know the answer and the look like I have 5 heads as the words come out of my mouth. There is absolutely no reason and its an insult that I am even asking. The best is that this does not just pertain to my home. As soon as HR feels comfortable somewhere you quickly see the wiggle to get the pants off start. And this is not just something with my toddler, my 9 year old is just as guilty. He and I just have two levels. One is an understanding we have that will remain between me and him and the other just leaves me constantly shaking my head saying “raising boys never gets less weird” but that is a post for another day. For now I will continue the battle (and search) of the missing pants… 

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