The Other Toddler

Almost one year ago, my husband and I decided to make our decision to not have any more children permanent. The same week as that procedure we brought home a 6 week old puppy. We even named her what we would have named HR if he was a girl, Sydney Olivia. 

She is a beautiful Labrador, Golden Retriever, Pitbull mix. Aka- sweet, loving and hyper. Also, the phrase “chew resistant” does not apply to her. In fact 9 out of 10 times “indestructible” does not apply either however we have been fortunate that she only destroys her own things (knock on wood). Her #1 thing to destroy is her beds. This started at a very young age and was a little shocking considering she loves snuggling into them. She would turn them inside out, find the zippers, unzip it and empty out the contents. One day we decided to buy her a $52  Kong “chew resistant” bed in hopes it may buy us more time and save us some money in the long run. We bought it in March and in 29 days she had already ripped it started pulling the filling out. Since then I have sewn it back together a couple of times trying to make it last but as of yesterday I couldn’t handle the constant frustration and clean up nevermind the fact that I could no longer wash it. So into the trash it went and off to Pinterest I went. 

Since I am tired of spending money on beds she destroys so easily I went on a hunt for an inexpensive DIY Dog Bed. I decided to make it out of things I already have as a trial to see how she would like it and how long it may last. I ended up taking her blanket she normally brings in the car and 2 cheap Wal-Mart pillows. I ended up cutting the blanket into two equal pieces, cutting several slits around the whole perimeter, tying them together and stuffing the pillows in. Based on her snoring last night I assume she enjoyed it and once I know how long it lasts I will branch out with different fleece patterns and have more fun with it. 

Then comes the discovery of her tags that she somehow chewed the life out of. How she even did that is beyond me. The simple logic of how she reached them completely escapes me but one thing is for sure, I am not in a rush to buy her new ones. However I in no way, shape or form am comfortable with her not having identification on her so into my craft office I went. I pulled out a stainless steel washer (from home depot) and my stamp set. I also went into her file to pull out a replacement chip information tag. I stamped her name on the washer and fingers crossed it will last a bit longer. 

I swear, if it’s not one of them it’s the other…

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