Our Old House

In 2016 my husband and I bought our first home after many years of renting. We knew we wanted an old house, both being history geeks, and we are not afraid of projects. Time to do those projects is another thing.

We bought in a historic area of Massachusetts but to realize the history you just have to do your research. Here in Massachusetts we all think of the typical history, but our land was more significant during the King Phillip era, but just our land not our house.

The history of our house is actually spotty. The record says 1910 but after doing a lot of research 1880 seems more realistic. Not really sure what that is all about but it is an ongoing investigation.

When we bought our house we did get some records of some things and the original key to the house. Infact our front door is believed to be original along with two mirrors. As things have progressed (or broken for a better word) we have started learning more about our house. It appears that whoever owned it back in 1930 had money and definitely invested it in this house. From what we know, they replaced the lead water main to the house with a metal only people with money used at that time and there are two large steel beam staircases. It is also believed that they transformed a porch into an enclosed living space that a large rodent taught us has old China buried under it. More on all that later…

We also know the owners before us owned it for 7 years however what work they did or the people before them is unknown. All we really know is the changes we have made and continue to make. This old house of ours has so much potential, so much to fix and so many questions to solve. It is an ongoing journey we are excited to be a part of.

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