HR’s Room

HR never really had his own space. In our rental house he shared a room with AJ whih really was just his crib in AJ’s room and they shared a dresser and closet. He never really slept there anyways. He came out hell bent on being a co-sleeper. Yes, Yes, Yes, I know, eek! Co-sleeping! but he is the third child, by now I’ve got this and he did survive. Anyways, it wasn’t until we moved here that he actually took to sleeping in his own room, although it technically isn’t a bedroom. We are pretty sure it was a bathroom at one point. It is the smallest of the bedrooms and there is no closet. In fact when we moved in there wasn’t even a door. I used a curtain on a pressure rod but than solution ended the day he broke his crib beyond repair and was in need of a toddler bed, mainly for his safety. He was only 17 months old but he made it clear it was time. We also got him a great Ikea armoire that is firmly bolted to the wall. He is the type of child that will try to climb it and repeal off of it. Now at 2.5 years old his room is finally starting to come together. It is still a work in progress but it is his…

Art work won at an auction by a local artist 

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