My Nails…

With the craziness of 3 kids, a young dog and a husband who keeps forgetting to take his medications, there is very little time for me. The one thing I refuse to let go of is my nails being done for two reasons: 1. They make me feel like I haven’t given up on my hardest of days and 2. They serve a purpose.

For years I had acrylics but the time and funds just don’t allow it anymore. I also rely rely on artificial nails because of a hereditary issue of picking /scratching my skin when I am stressed. How is that for openness? Both my parents do it and two of my children do it. It’s like biting your nails and my artificial nails are my bitter polish.

Anyways, I had been playing around with different ways I can do them at home by myself after the kids go to bed. I had been doing tips with gel resin overlay until a new product caught my eye, Nailbliss nailstogo and brush on glue. When my latest set of tips came off I had to give them a try and boy am I happy I did. They cut my time drastically, the brush on glue is easier to use and the nails itself line up naturally unlike any full nail I have ever tried before. I picked up the stiletto shape but they are just too much for my life, although my husband really enjoyed the back scratch I gave him before cutting them down. I had to flat out explain how I would end up taking one of the kids eyes out with them. I couldn’t operate my phone either but I probably would have loved them in my younger years or a different life. So I cut them down to a length that I can work with and they have stood up to how hard I am on them. Other brands would have popped off long before now but these ones haven’t budged and still look brand new. Simply amazed!

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