Playroom Baskets

Our playroom is in a constant state of chaos. My boys pretty much live in there however it is rare to catch my teen in there these days unless she is watching the toddler or helping clean it. There are days both she and I have taken pictures just to prove that at one point in the day it was clean. One of the main problems, other than the boys trashing it, is lack of storage. While storage systems are included in the bigger plan for the room, I need an immediate and cheap solution. Cue my dollar store trip knowing I didn’t want to invest money into something destined to be ruined. 

I picked up 4 plastic bins knowing I already had the spray paints at home. I started off spraying the insides white, then flipped them over to spray the outsides and let them dry. The only problem is that it was so hot and humid here that they didn’t exactly dry with a perfect “hammered” look. For now they will serve their purpose and one day when it’s time to replace them I now know. 

Simple, easy, functional and ready to take a beating…

Posted in: DIY

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