Shark Week Dinner #1

In our house, Shark Week is a holiday. It has been something I have made a thing out of for years. I am actually pretty sure it is one thing my kids will tell their kids about one day. It is something I enjoy and something they look forward to. 

This year I have scaled it back a bit. I will still do a project every day but this year I am only going to do two dinners. The first meal is one I have made every year and the one my kids look forward to the most, Octodogs, however this year I took it a step further. 

The Octodogs are something so very easy to make. So easy that I have been making them the last 13 years. 

You will want to start by boiling a lot of water. While the water is boiling, you will need to collect your hotdogs on a plate and cut into thirds. Using a paring knife cuts slits in the bottom of your hotdog piece. Also using your paring knife you can create eyes and a mouth. 

Once they are cut and the water is boiling you can add them to the boiling water until they curl up. Then remove. Ta-da! You made your first Octodog! 

This year I decided to pair them with green beans for seaweed and home made mac and cheese colored blue with food coloring to be water or as my 9 year old requested, coral. 

The recipe to my mac and cheese can be found here. Its a family recipe that I put my own twist on and the only mac and cheese my daughter will eat. Enjoy! 

Posted in: DIY

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