Paper Plate Shark Craft

Okay, so the other day was nuts. I don’t know if it was the weather change or what but under this roof it was like a looney bin. It was amazing I got my kids to sit long enough to do this craft. Thankfully it was all precut so I just needed them to do it. It may have also been the only moment they were all getting along. Lilla obviously did hers really quick so she helped HR while AJ decided he was above directions and just followed his own. When looking at the completed ones you would think the “individualistic” one is the toddler but nope, it is the 9 year olds. 

To do this craft all you need is scissors, paper plates, construction paper and glue. Start by folding the paper plate backwards and cut an oval out of the middle. Then while still folded cut out teeth. Once that step is complete use construction paper to cut out the head of a shark and eyes if you need. You could also use googly eyes but I didn’t have any so I made my own. I gave my kids their pieces on paper plates, gave them glue and away they went. 

Obviously once they were dry my boys decided to chase each other around making shark noises at each other. It was a nice temporary break from the insanity… 

Posted in: DIY

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