Shark Week Dinner #2

As I shared earlier this week, I was only going to do two Shark Week dinners this week, unlike every day as I have in the past, which meant this one had to be a special one. I decided it was going to be based on the vegetables and if you are trying to get those stubborn children to eat their vegetables this will certainly do the trick. True fact – children are more likely to eat something they see fun than something the see as boring. 

I decided to make cucumber sharks that would be surrounded by grilled cauliflower as the “reef”. Now I could explain to you how I made my cucumber sharks but I later found this comical video and found it was similar to my method, I just took it a bit further. His commentary however made this SAHM’s day so I have to share (video at the bottom of this post. And because my children cleaned their plates they got a special desert with Shark fin spoons.

So if you are looking for one final Shark Week idea or just trying to get those stubborn children to eat, give this a try. Enjoy!

Posted in: DIY

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