Ring Dilemma

With vacation coming up I was faced with a dilemma- what to do with my rings? I feel lost when I dont have my rings on but I am definitely someone who should not take my rings on vacation with me, especially to the beach. I even have the track record to prove it too. I have broken my original engagement ring beyond repair taking an ice tray out of the freezer and I knocked two stones out of my wedding band doing who knows what. All I know is that one day I was folding laundry and when I looked down they were gone so like any mom/housewife I blamed the laundry. It finally got to the point that my wonderful Husband ended up replacing the set and starting new, what a guy right? He must finally understand “happy wife, happy life”.

Anyways, back to the task at hand (no pun intended), vacation safe wedding rings. Now I had been looking at silicone rings for a while now due to the fact my husband is a general contractor and really should be wearing one instead of his wedding band but finding one for him was easy. Mine was a little bit trickier. In my searches I had fallen for the Enso rings (as in love, not a trick) but their prices were a little more than I wanted to spend and I am a human who would rather more money to spend on vacation instead. So I went on a hunt for a deal and came across the Egnaro Rings on Amazon. Even better is that they were Prime eligible so I would have them in two days seeing as I am an impatient person. Their sizing is perfect and since they come in a set of six I can layer them in whatever way my little heat desires. I also don’t even feel them when they are on, I am obsessed.

I am more than ready for the water, sand and sunscreen. Click here to check them out for yourself.

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