Back To School

Here we go, again summer flew by in the blink of an eye and it is back to school time already. The last couple of years my anxiety has been all over the place and I was not able to be at my best and the mom on top of it all. Although an outsider might think I had it undercontrol, inside I was quickly spiraling daily. Now that my anxiety is undercontrol control I am determined to getting back on track and be the kick ass mom I know I am. I am determined to be more organized and on top of things than I ever have been before. And let’s face it, back to school isn’t about just the kids, it’s a lot on the parents also. Not only do our schedules get filled with back to school meetings, paperwork, orientations, picture days and figuring out bus schedules , drop offs and pick ups but sports start back up also. For me it’s hockey about 5 times a week and archery. Thankfully the toddler doesn’t do anything yet because what I have already is a full time job. It’s understandable how parents can get stressed and overwhelmed so we can only imagine how the kids are handling it all.

As I write this my almost 13 year old is trying to pick out her outfit, organize her make up and worrying about how she is going to wear her hair. Since she is already on medication for anxiety, and we have been through years of therapy, we know to just let her do her thing and I did her nails for her for a moment of relaxation. Unfortunately my 9 year old is not as easy and he is losing it. He is one that will internalize everything until he explodes and he refuses to talk about it. It has gotten to the point I had to send him to his room for some quiet time and to separate him from the toddler he was setting off and making hyper as can be. Once he is calm, and more importantly the toddler is calm, he enjoys some snuggle time. He is a tough yet sensitive soul who still needs those precious moments with momma and I am not about to argue. There is so much pressure on kids these days and I am trying to make it so that home is not one of those sources.

Since my older two come from a “broken home” I have a large calendar in the kitchen that tells them exactly who is where and when. As much as it’s at times overwhelming for me to look at, it does help them and keeps me organized. I also have morning and night time routines listed, they have specific places to put their bags with cork boards above to leave important things out to be seen and I have a lunch box system in the refrigerator so they decide what they are having. In all honestly, as I am trying to lower their stress, I am really helping mine. 

So here we go, off to start this new school year fresh. Now only if these crock pot meals would plan themselves…

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