Little Changes, Big Difference

Have you ever looked at a room your house or a feature area in your house that you don’t like and thought “I just can’t take it anymore!!”? Well so far that has happened to me twice in the past few months. One time was about our playroom (that is a future post as it’s still on going) and the other was my kitchen backsplash and feature window. 

When we bought our house we knew the kitchen was going to be one day overhauled. I mean my husband has BIG plans for it but the funds for that happening are not going to appear over night. Even the funds for the temporary plan to buy us time isn’t rushing it’s way here with school and sports fees taking priority. However there are certain things in my kitchen that were driving me absolutely insane. I was about to grab a crowbar and hammer to handle what I could and then complain my butt off so my husband would finally help me with what I couldn’t handle myself but then I took a minute to stand there and stare. A light bulb went off! The left over wallpaper from my coffee table experiment!

There are two areas that were bugging me the most, the feature window at the sink and 5 accent tiles with flowers on them. I am sure to some people the flowers are their thing but they are definitely not mine. They reminded me of my parents kitchen wallpaper growing up. Then the window, which was painted a plain white which I didn’t mind but it had a HORRIBLE spackling job on it. I spend many times just staring at it wondering what in the world used to hang there and what method the person who filled the holes tried to use. 

Now normally I give you my methods or any tips I have but for this I simply can’t. This was not done in a conventional way and was figured out piecing together what I had left over from the last time I used it. The only piece of advice I can give, which I learned with my coffee table, is that this material should only be cleaned with soap, water and a soft cloth. It is not on the manufacturers packaging so consider that a special tip from me. Check out the before and after pictures below to see how a small change can make a big difference.

(For information on the material click here

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