Just Learning The Hard Way

One of my first posts was about constantly asking my boys “where are your pants?!” but there is another phrase I use much more which is “Tie your shoes!!!!” and is mainly aimed towards my 9 year old middle son.

You see, this one actually blows my mind. When he was younger he required his shoes tied so tightly that we had to start telling him that if we tied them any tighter his feet would fall off. Despite our best efforts, this continued on until the day we made him start tying his shoes for himself. Now he never ties them! We constantly warn him of the dangers and I remind him how my youngest brother knocked his front teeth out although that was actually due to his hands in his pockets but those are just minor details when trying to instill fear in your child so he will do something.

Finally, last week after many months of warnings, he tripped on his laces while running. We were all in the car to take Lilla to the bus, waiting on him to tie his shoes, he decided not to and down he went… HARD! I did the typical rushing mom thing telling him to get in the car and that I didn’t have time (if it was more serious I obviously would have had time), maybe threw in that it was god punishing him for not listening to his mother (the Catholic guilt apparently carries on) and handed him napkins because it really was bleeding good. Once the initial lesson of “listen to your mother” was over we went over what he had learned and could do differently. I thought he finally had it! Then a few days later, when picking him up from school, I noticed they were untied AGAIN! His response was exactly what I expected out of my kid “but I was walking this time, not running!”

The struggle continues…


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