My New Found Love Of Jeggings

(Opinions in this post are made on my own)

Since I am a mom of a teenage daughter, in my head Jeggings have always been something for her age group so I never gave them much thought. I was a SAHM and my wardrobe consisted solely of yoga pants with occasional pieces for holidays, weddings, school meetings or the very rare date night. Then this crazy thing happened, I went back to working with young children. I knew my current wardrobe was not how I wanted to present myself on a daily basis so off to the store I went, Wal-mart to be exact.

For years I have been clothes shopping at Wal-mart but primarily for their Athletic Leisure options, which may I add is a very big selection and you can not beat their prices. As a SAHM I was on a tight budget so pride due to previous notions of shopping at Wal-mart went right out the window. I was also able to teach at least one of my children the meaning of “more bang for the buck”. So when I made this transition in life I decided to check out the rest of my options and my goodness was I surprised at their selections! They seriously have all the latest trends (although in all fairness, some that were not) and at a price my budget can handle. I still like adding pieces from other places but it’s really only if I am looking for something specific or have been given something.

Okay, back to the jeggings. So while I was searching for new work clothes I came across these olive colored jegging on the clearance rack. They were definitely not in my mind what jeggings were like (cue pajama jeans commercial). I have always loved my skinny jeans, which they felt just like, but you try getting up off the floor 10+ times in them and let me know how that goes. These jeggings were the best of both worlds, yoga pant comfort and the style of real pants. I am completely addicted! I went back today and got 3 more pairs, and due to the price I can now get some cute ankle booties to match, but that is another post for another day.

Moral of the story- Jeggings rock, Wal-mart clothing has come a long way (especially online shopping wise) and I can always bribe my toddler with a 94 cent Matchbox car so I can get my shopping done.


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