Big Sexy Love

I had to think long and hard of where I wanted to start this off. After some thorough consideration I decided to start with one of the calmer books I have stumbled upon because trust me, I have stumbled across some *cough* “interesting” *cough* books and I don’t need to shell shock anyone right off the bat. So here we go… the first one I choose to write about, the book I can not get out of my head, Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood.

I will tell you with all honesty that this was not a book I was searching for at the time. I had passed it over a couple of times but something kept calling me back to it. I eventually clicked the $3.99 to buy (although it is free with Prime which I have so I really should look into that) and it is now money I will never regret spending. Since I suffer from serious buyers remorse, that is saying something.

Now this book does feature a love story but that truly takes the back seat. It’s like an awesome side dish to an amazing entree. This story is so relatable for me which may be why I enjoyed it so much. Things that happen to the main character are events I could fully see myself falling into. The chaos in my life started long before husbands and children. I was seriously laughing out loud. At one point my husband had to ask me what was so funny. If he read the book he would fully understand and most likely would shake his head laughing at me but completely understand the situation. Still, this is not the selling point of this story. What is you ask? The friendship between the main character and her best friend.

I have read a few books (that will eventually be written about also) that make me sit back and think “ya, this is exactly how we operate” but this one, this one actually had me pick up the phone and text her. Their story actually inflicted so much emotion that I not only cried but had to put the book down and finish it when I calmed down which has NEVER happened. I have read a lot of messed up things but have never actually cried never mind have to put the book (or my tablet) down. This story is written so incredibly well that you can vividly picture it and not just because this is not only something my best would do to me, or vice versa. She hasn’t read it yet but she might now. (Ang, it is worth the emotions). Heck, I might even read it again which is something I also never do, which is why this is the first book I have decided to write about without giving too much away.

Laugh, cry, feel. This story is worth it… click here to experience it for yourself

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