Forever Entangled

I do not do suspense romance books, I repeat, I do not do suspense romance. Well, not really…

I once read a suspense romance book by accident. Something about a millionaire or billionaire (does it really matter once you enter “aire” territory?) Who needed to produce an heir to get his inheritance and the female gets pregnant and is then kidnapped and in a high speed chase and loses the baby. That book legit caused so much stress and anxiety I had to keep putting it down and picking it back up and I started taking it out on my husband. It was a good story (needed some serious proofreading) but a little too good that I not only deleted it from my device but I also swore off suspense romance. That is, until I by accident read Forever Entangled by Kathleen Brooks.

Again, by accident (I really need to research the genre better. I have by accident ended up with an Erotica Romance book when searching the Kindle App for Rom-Com or Chick Lit), got this book and was hooked the first paragraph. You are grabbed straight from the start, but this was not like the last suspense book I read, this one very much had humor. The list of characters is amazing but you may have to re-read a few of the back story paragraphs to get it all straight but you don’t lose your attention doing so. It’s like a puzzle of characters with all the pieces starting to fall in place by the end.

So although this book starts off and contains wonderfully thought out action scenes, it is the perfect amount to not cause anxiety or take away from an adorable love story.

There are spin off books but I haven’t dove into them… yet

Click here to check it out yourself

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