Julia Kent, Just Take My Money…

You know how in my reading intro I mentioned how sequels can run the river dry? Well Julia Kent is currently the main offender right now. Like, I seriously can’t stop myself from buying all the books in one of her series ASAMFP.

First I got hooked with the Shopping For series. I mean a book that starts with a woman pulling a stuck cell phone out of a men’s toilet has me hooked right off the bat. Follow that up with landmarks that are really close to home, literally really close to where I live and places I have frequented. There are even some really great comments about a town (city now) that I used to live in, still live very close to and my older two still go to school there. Laughing out loud all day long!

Then this past weekend I dove into the Obedient series, and again I found myself fully involved with the series as well as clicking that buy button on each one very quickly. The Obedient series is a lot dirtier than the Shopping series but still very addicting and somewhat answered some of my “logistics” questions. I tend to have a lot of questions about logistics of this sort. Not that I am looking to try them out but just curious how exactly it all works.

I know, I know… curiosity killed the cat but this cat is alive and well.

Thank you Julia Kent for an enjoyable weekend. Until we meet again…

Check out Julia Kent’s work here and keep an eye out for her next release, Fluffy

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