Oh Emma Hart…

Sarcasm and banter are languages I am fluent in. It is actually my preferred language of choice 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With that said, is it really shocking that I am a HUGE Emma Hart fan?

It started with Being Brooke. I remember vividly when I started reading it and telling my sister in law, Kris, all about it. To this day whenever I talk to her about a book I’m really enthusiastic about she references back to this one sometimes asking if it’s still the same one. Little does she know I average 1.25 books a day right now. Hahaha.

Anyways, back to getting hooked…

First it was the book cover. Seriously well thought out and eye catching. Then there are comical life lessons at the beginning of each chapter followed up with best friend banter between Brooke and Carly and finally the romance part. I was a goner for Emma Hart’s writing style right then and there. From Being Brooke to Chasing Carly to Best Served Cold to Four Day Fling to Tequila Tequila and even The Love Game… I am now a HUGE fan. Now I am here, anxiously waiting for Catastrophe Queen to be released January 29th.

Continue on Emma Hart. PLEASE continue on…

Click here to check out Emma Hart’s work for yourself!

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