Catastrophe Queen

Emma Hart you have done it again!!

Since I have yet to find a book by her I haven’t loved, I guess it’s no big surprise that Catastrophe Queen is another hit!

If the “red was my nail color” “dry shampoo was the greatest invention since humans evolved” or “being a walking disaster” didn’t grab me, the “closeted eighty year old” did it and that was just the first page!

Mallory is a walking disaster, or hurricane I should say. She puts my sister-in-law and I trying to figure out where our latest bumps, bruises or cuts came from to shame. Now throw in some romantic chemistry banter and upright crazy family members and you don’t even question how this is another hit.

I could go on raving about this book but I want you to check it out yourself. The only thing you will be disappointed in is that it ends!

Click here to pick up your own copy and mark your calendars for her next release, The Roommate Agreement, March 26th.

No big surprise that I already have…

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