Off Limits

So… I did not find Off Limits by Jules Bernard my normal way. I found it through Jules Bernard herself. Pretty cool, right? Thank you powers of social media.

Anyways, to be honest, I was completely distracted half of this book. Okay, maybe not half but definitely a fourth. Now here is my big question: what are they feeding the boys in Lake Tahoe? Also, where can I get some? I have a ten year old son that could benefit from whatever they are feeding them to grow so tall. I come from a family with height (my youngest brother is 6’3 and everyone else, including my husband, are 6 ft or taller) but my ex-husband wasn’t much taller than me and my poor middle boy suffers from that consequence so if you know any magic growing tricks please send them my way.

Now back to the book! Once I was pulled out of my distraction I realized the book had reached the HEA point but then I noticed it was still under the half way mark. Clearly my first thought was “oh, sh*t, here we go” but in reality, that’s when I was hooked. It was like a train wreck you just couldn’t look away from. Then when you think it’s been resolved you look how much further you have to go and realize you no longer know anything. However these characters grab you and you almost want to jump into the actual story to take matters into your own hands. I will not lie and will tell you that once I finished this book I turned to my husband and declared “I need to process this” but for the first time I meant it in the best possible way.

Thank you Jules Bernard for introducing me to your series and proving this story is so much more than the half naked man on the cover (although, no complaints on that).

On to the next one…

Click here to get your own copy of Off Limits

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