Friends Like These

You know, I do actually have a handful of “clean” romance books in my library and Friends Like These by Hannah Ellis is one of them.

As a girl who often wishes she had a tight knit, social life, group of friends, this book hit close to home and made me see a few things more clearly. The tag line is “We don’t always get to choose our friends…” which is beyond the truth.

The lead female in this story, Marie, dreams of certain friendships. A series of events lead her to a speed dating event but as fate would have it, the young man at the front desk sends her to the wrong room here she meets an unusual bunch that are the opposite of what she dreamed of… but are they?

I can actually count on one hand the people I associate with on a daily basis the most. My husband, Ang, My sister in laws Kris and Kel and my ex husband. A conventional bunch? Nope! But they don’t seem to be going anywhere. I tried to shake more than one of them but they seem to have stuck.

This book also has a really great but complicated love story. If you have a jealous bone in your body be prepared to feel it but in the end it’s all worth it, like all great chick lit romances.

Get your copy here!

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