Inhibitions, Unrestricted and Freed

*Post not recommended for family or overly protective husband*

My mother and I frequently talk about mistakes I regret from my teenage years that I want to somehow teach my daughter not to repeat. Now I do not plan on discussing my teenage sex life with my daughter (so Lilla stop reading!) nor do I discuss it with my mother but I guess that band aide is about to be ripped off so that I can fully explain what drew me in to Inhibitions by K.A. Berg.

The main premise of this story is a woman, Ashley, catches her ex cheating and he blames her for not being adventurous in bed. Now this is NOT an uncommon thing in life. A lot of women do not speak up for what they want and just take what is given to them. In some cases they are just young and inexperienced and learn lessons the VERY hard way like when the boyfriend decides to share his thoughts with the whole high school. Ya, that’s some life experience right there but I am a tough cookie and as he himself can now tell you today, as an adult, he did not break me (and I am a very forgiving person) but boy was that a tough learning experience that will never be forgotten. Now you can see why I would want to read a book giving me the chance to watch someone else as an adult learn to be a bad ass from it, although this book is so much more!

Inhibitions is the first in a 3 book series. Honestly, the second book, Unrestricted, is my favorite of the three. There is such a deeper story than what brings you to the first one. You need to be prepared for all the feels you can imagine but it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

You can get the whole 3 book series here. Enjoy!

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