Two Weeks Notice

Okay, I am totally behind on my reviewing. My youngest Sister in Law finally got engaged and although I have kept up with my reading, not so much on the writing. Even as I’m writing this we are texting about wedding colors. Good thing my 15 years of being a mom has perfected my multi-tasking skills.

Now as I mentioned, I have kept up with my reading routine but I am way behind on my reviews so bear with me, but we will kick this off with Two Weeks Notice by Whitney G.

So here’s the thing about Two Weeks Notice that drew me in, there is an Alpha male and I am always drawn to exploring Alpha Male characters. Probably because my husband is not one. Is he a protector? Yes. But Alpha? No. Never mind there is no way I could ever be with an Alpha. I have been known to get up on my tippy toes and put anyone like that in their place. My husband also doesn’t have a jealous or controlling bone in his body, at least not where I am concerned.

Anyway, back to the book. So the main premise is an over the top boss that traps his employee in with hidden fine print in her contract. She legitimately can not give her two weeks notice but as always there is a twist. Now, I could tell you more but why would I ruin such a great book with a spoiler. You are just going to have to see for yourself.

Get your copy of Two Weeks Notice here. It’s free!

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