Open Hearts

Okay, lets just call a spade a spade, I was purely pulled in to downloading Open Hearts by Eve Dangerfield because of the cover, I mean- you’d have to be blind. Now with that said, it should be very clear to you that this is not one of the cleanest books. If you don’t know what “figging” is then my point in proven. And to set the record straight, I didn’t either until this book and now I can never un-know it.

Open Hearts is a 294 page story featuring a determined woman named Ashley who wants to have a baby but is tired of waiting for Prince Charming as all she ever finds is Prince Wrong. One night she meets her sisters boyfriends roommate, Dean, and her plans become a little more complicated.

Now for my view- This story takes place in Australia, which has me very thankful for the wonderful functions of definitions using the kindle app on my mobile device. It is also the second book in a series, however can be read as a stand alone. I personally loved the story line and can completely understand the concept behind it plus the wonderful sister relationship it showcases. Ashley and Dean are so enjoyable and I am always a sucker for any story with a red head. Unfortunately, there are a few takeaways. Any “quick to fall in love” or make life changing decisions after like a week always distracts me with thoughts of real life red flag senerios. Also, now this is just a personal thing, I really hate the use of the word “c*nt”, like really makes me cringe. There have been books that use it so much that I can’t even write a review for them because of it. And finally, the most frustrating part, I want to know the secret technique taught to Dean by the lesbian! This one ate at me the rest of the book. I feel this is very important information that could really help out the greater good of everyone if shared. But these are just three little things. I did enjoy this story and would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a sexy read with a great love story. Plus, again, the cover…

Pick up your copy here and enjoy!

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