Tangled Up

I accidentally stumbled in to Tangled Up by Robyn Neeley and immediately could not put it down. This story is adorable and 100% ready for Hallmark or Netflix.

The plot of this 218 page book is: Abby Stevens doesn’t know what’s gotten into her, but getting tangled up nightly with the latest bachelor to Buttermilk Falls has to stop. Sure Brandon Swift’s got rock hard abs and blue eyes to die for, but the Los Angles playboy is not the man for her. To end things between them once and for all, she might need some magical help.

Brandon is settling into small-town life thanks to his new bartending gig and the cute redhead sharing his bed. He suspects she might be looking for more than a fling. After a bitter divorce and a few months of playing the field, he might finally be ready, too.

But when Abby presents him with an enchanted cupcake that reverses his attraction to her, both discover strong feelings they didn’t realize they had. Is it too late to reverse the spell?

My View: Who doesn’t like to believe in witches and magic? God knows I have a list of people I would like to give special treats to. The only true dis-service I did to this story is not reading the first one in the series but you can truly pick up with this one. Then there was the Holiday factor… Once I noticed the connection to Halloween, I wanted to stop and read it closer to then but I absolutely could not. In all fairness, I was born and raised in Massachusetts and things like witches don’t exactly hold themselves to just a holiday. You know, the whole Salem Witch Trial thing… so the lines can get blurred when it comes to history. Anyways, when reading this story you need to get ready for all the feels and you will feel them. If you are ever looking for a feel good read that can truly make you believe that the heart knows what the heart knows, this is it. I ended this book wishing for an epilogue but quickly realized that it wraps up nicely in the following book in the series.
Pick up your copy of Tangled Up here.

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