Good Luck Charm

Well, well, well… here we are, St. Patrick’s Day weekend. If you have followed me on instagram, you know I LOVE a theme. I also love when it collides with my heritage. So obviously this red head, green eyed, Irish (and some other similar stuff) girl took the bull by the horns and picked out 3 books to feature this weekend. So here is the second of three – Good Luck Charm by Kellie McAllen.

The plot of this 241 page book is – Basketball star Kerri “Killer O’Connor” knows she’s bad luck, and she’s tried everything to keep it from ruining her life — a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe, her dad’s lucky shirt — she’s never without one.
When her dad gets hurt in a freak accident on Friday the 13th, Kerri is sure she’s to blame, but then a boy shows up wearing her father’s old sweatshirt, and Kerri’s luck suddenly does a 180.
Convinced that Connor Murphy is the talisman she needs to change her fate, Kerri begs him to be there for her while her dad is recuperating. Connor doesn’t believe in luck, but he’d do anything to win the girl of his dreams, even if that means spending all his time with Kerri.
Connor never expected to fall for the kooky girl with the crazy superstitions, and Kerri’s convinced that Connor wants someone else. But when luck turns to love, can Connor convince Kerri that he’s more than just her lucky charm?

My View – Now if you came here for my normal type of book, this is NOT it. This is clean, squeaky even. This is 100% teen level romance but I honestly was looking for something I can actually promote that my teenage daughter can read with my piece of mind. Yes, I am aware of what I read, write about and promote and that is a conversation we have had, but her reading the same books as me is still a long way off. I had her in mind the whole time I read this story and can only hope for her to someday meet someone like Connor. Not so much as thinking she needs a guy as a good luck charm but the genuine relationship they build. This theme book was truly an entertaining read if even not my typical cup of tea (or age range). I am definitely recommending it this weekend for all of us with teenage daughters.

Click here to pick up your copy…

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