Possessive Boston Irish American MMA Fighter

Well, well, well… here we are, St. Patrick’s Day weekend. If you have followed me on instagram, you know I LOVE a theme. I also love when it collides with my heritage. So obviously this red head, green eyed, Irish (and some other similar stuff) girl took the bull by the horns and picked out 3 books to feature this weekend. So here is the third of three – Possessive Boston Irish American MMA Fighter by Flora Ferrari.

The plot of this 123 page quick read is – He possesses an undefeated record as an MMA fighter, but the moment he lays eyes on me he tells me the only thing he’s interested in possessing now is me.
And when this younger woman witnesses him take part in a fight for the first time the barbaric violence shouldn’t turn me on, but it does. He’s a real man amongst boys in and out of the octagon, and I’m ready to be his woman, and for the first time in my life I know I’m ready for another kind of first time…with him.
But before my brother’s best friend is able to tell my brother about what’s going on between us, he finds out the hard way, making him feel like he’s been sucker punched by his best friend.
Can my possessive Boston Irish American older man prove to my brother that what we have is real and that this MMA fighter will fight harder than he ever has inside the octagon, outside of it…for me?
Or will my brother do his best to make sure my brother’s best friend’s beautiful Irish eyes aren’t smiling by threatening him with violence of his own, causing me to get caught in the middle of two possessive older men…one my flesh and blood family and the other I want nothing more than to start my own family with knowing what we have will last forever.
But how can I bring myself to come between my brother and my brother’s best friend? Will I be forced into a split decision of my own…choosing between them with my choice causing heartache one way or the other…forever?

My View – Okay, so as we have discussed, I am all about this Boston Irish thing (minus the fact that I no longer drink), I even have the sweatshirt to prove it. Haha, just kidding, anyone could buy that at the Irish Pride Festival. But seriously, my Dad’s side is from Dorchester, my husband and his family is from Dorchester and I have produced my own ginger children. If anyone tells you Boston Irish isn’t a thing they are wrong. Anyways, back to this book. So when I decided to cover Irish Romance for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I obviously had to cover a this title line however it was the cover picture that drew me in and I am glad it did. This is a very quick moving, quick read. I know I normally am against how fast things happen but after waiting four years you really should know by then so I am going to let it slide. Also, holding on to virginity for that long probably deserves an award. There is a lot in this story that is kind of skirted over or anticlimactic to make this a quick read and if I am completely honest, the plot description is more dramatic than the actual story. However that doesn’t stop parts of this from being hot as hell.

Pick up your copy here and see what I am talking about…

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