Dr. Phil, Shut The Hell Up

Last Friday morning I woke up to seeing this BS quote made by quack Dr. Phil saying that “100 out of 100 caregiver relationships fail”. Are you F’n kidding me? Yes, lets just take a second here for a collective head smack.
First I want to know where he gets his uneducated information from and second I want to know how he actually knows about caregiving relationships. Does he have one? I don’t mean know of one, or someone of someone, or someone he had on his show, but his own. I doubt it, although I wouldn’t put it past him to claim differently. This is the man that made the “Cash Me Outside” chick who she is.
Granted each relationship is different. I know some that do fail. I know some that should fail as the caregiver is pretty much being walked all over and taken advantage of or have given more than enough and it’s becoming damaging to everyone involved but that still is not 100 out of 100.
You want to know how I know this fact? Because I am one of the “100” and let me tell you, although some days are better than others and some days are harder than others, I will not give up. We will not give up.
What we face every single day is scary, if we let it be. My husbands epilepsy has already tried to kill him before. I wouldn’t let it. I figure if I can stare that beast in the face, I can take on just about anything for him. There are many “could” situations we face daily. He could have a breakthrough seizure, he could lose his memory (not just in general but of myself and the kids) and worst, something could happen when no one is around to get him help in time. These are real things. There is nothing we can to do help, or change it. There is scarring on his temporal lobe from development. All we can do is manage it the best we can and pray for some research to be done that can change our “could” scenarios. We refuse to live every day in fear and not one single thing I wrote there could cause me to make that “100” a reality. I am actually so stubborn that even if he forgot who I was I would stick it out and try to force him to remember me like one of those romance books I review. And that’s not “oh god, she has a fictional idea in her head” thing. I legitimately am so stubborn I would do it and not for me but for him.
I have altered my life for his disease and never once have I complained. It’s always fun explaining to people why I don’t drink anymore or why I need to ditch out on things because he is having a challenging day. Apparently Dr. Phil can only think of his own selfishness and not the selflessness others can possess. There are so many people out there like me also. Just look up any #100outof100 post and you will see it.

So please Dr. Phil, feel free to pull your head out of your ass and do some real research before spouting off your dumb and truly offensive notions. Not everyone is like you. Apparently that is a hard concept to wrap your head around…

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