Stupid Smart

Recently I was in a reading slump, based off of stress in my own life, but then I picked up Stupid Smart by Jenn Hype and I couldn’t be happier. It also fixed that slump right away.

The plot of this 206 page book is – Ever since I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was to get married. To meet the perfect man who’d love me more than life itself and be a wonderful father to all our beautiful children.

I loaded up on chapstick and prepared myself for all the frogs I’d have to kiss to find my prince. But I hadn’t been prepared for just how slimy and gross those metaphorical amphibians could be. And as I got older, the toads got hornier and hornier. (No pun intended, but we’re talking men here, so… yeah.)

Still, I refuse to give up, no matter how many obstacles are thrown my way.

Liam, however, has other plans for my future.

Every inch the bad boy with his leather jacket, dark eyes and tattoos, you’d never expect his personality to be more along the lines of class clown. The combination is oddly sexy.

Just ask any woman of legal age in the city of New York, since he’s likely slept with all of them by now.

A simple misunderstanding made us enemies. Now I can’t get rid of him. He’s like a bad case of herpes that just keeps flaring up at the worst of times. And if he sabotages one more of my dates, I’m going to kill him. Or kiss him.

Most days I can’t decide which I’d rather do more

My View – I absolutely cherished this story and it was exactly what I needed. Not only is the book cover stupid smart (see what I did there) but the story line is unlike any other. I mean the gist of it is common but the character traits are out of this world. Pretty sure Clara and I could be best friends if she was in the real world, and Liam… oh my. If the description of his looks doesn’t get you, him falling in love with Clara will.
Pick up your own piece of the slump breaker magic here

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