Married Into Love

Now this is how you start a book! Rochelle Paige wrote Married Into Love in such a way that is catches you right off the bat.
The plot of this 182 page book is – What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there…
Alec Rourke wasn’t going to waste a night out on the Strip, not even if his friends skipped their own co-ed bachelor-and-ette party. But he never expected to find a plus-one for their wedding—his new wife.
And sometimes you find yourself married to a stranger…

Alessia Valenti was having the worst day ever. Fired from her job. An eviction notice on her door. Her sister dragged her out to blow off some much-needed steam. Only she hadn’t planned on a stop at a wedding chapel with a hot hockey player.

My View – OK, to start, this is the third book in a series but can completely be read as a stand alone. In fact, I actually had no idea it was the third in a series until Alec started recounting what seemed like previous stories. Truth be told, I got it because it was being promoted as free on Bookbub. Fun fact – that’s how I get a lot of my personal choices.
Now with all that said, this book is absolutely insane. In fact when you remember Alec is a professional hockey player you have to question if he took a good hit to the head. Like, is this a Debrusk/Kadri situation? It’s currently playoff season here in Boston and I just happened to be “watching” the game as I was reading this which makes this comment extremely relevant.
But, seriously, as amazing as these characters and their chemistry is, it’s still pretty crazy. Getting married to someone, sober, the night you met them is a little bit out there. I wish I could say that’s the craziest part but you know I’d be lying. And don’t get me wrong, I completely get the whole Vegas married to a stranger thing can work in certain situations but unprotected sex straight off the bat… ya, I’d place money some form of sanity being missing. Actually, one of my dearest friends got his now wife pregnant on their first date and I will never forever that phone call telling me I had to pull over before he would tell me anything.
Now don’t get my sense of logic get you confused with this being bad a thing. I absolutely adored this book. Flat out loved it. As insane as it may have been, I was fully invested in their story and as I have already written, I could not put it down during a crazy game 2 of playoff hockey. That’s some serious business.
Bottom line- everyone deserves a white knight, insane orgasms and a happily ever after.
Pick up your copy of Married Into Love here


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