If I had any doubts with Daphne Hargrow keeping the magic of the Lonely Spinsters Club Series, it was definitely put to rest with Willow.

The plot of this 256 page book is – How does a woman enjoy the company of a man without committing to a long-term relationship? Easy, love him for ninety days and leave him.

Willow gave up on love a long time ago, but she hasn’t given up on sex. So, to keep her chakras aligned and life force flowing, she abides by her tried-and-true rule: love him for ninety days and leave him. Consequently, she can feed her body while protecting her heart.

Willow’s practice of purposeful detachment serves her well until she sets her sights on Kendall’s friend Josh. Even though Josh expresses interest in Willow, he wants a more traditional relationship than she’s willing to give.

Despite their apparent differences, the universe seems to have other plans for the couple as their lives become increasingly intertwined. When Willow finally decides to follow the universe’s lead, she’s betrayed by her ninety-day rule and must rethink her life plan or face the future alone.

My View – This is actually a harder review to write that the one I wrote for Kendall. We have already established Daphne’s writing style, which just fell into place more with Willow. Dare I even say Emma Hart like, and if you have been following me for a while, you know what a big fan I am.

I also know I gave Kendall a lengthy review but Willow is by far the best of both worlds. It gave almost a full epilogue/follow up to Kendall while featuring it’s own story. Daphne again wrote these characters in such a real way, you basically want to jump in to the pages of in shake some sense into Willow. I know for a fact I was growling at one point, which I know sounds bad but it is the opposite. That’s how draw in and invested I was to the story and by the time there is a taser incident you will not only feel karma may have been involved but also legitimately laughing out loud.

Thank you Daphne for keeping this story real, entertaining and for being the one to finally write a realistic airport scene. You most definitely did not disappoint with Willow or Grandma Bev’s wisdom. I can not wait to see what’s next…

Pick up you copy of Willow here

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