The Gift That Keeps On Giving

So for my birthday my husband got me this candle.


He had seen it on an Instagram Ad and thought it was cool. I may have mentioned I wanted it based on the label alone. I mean, come on, a MILF candle… perfect for Mothers Day but my birthday is two weeks before so he skipped ahead.

He also had it shipped to his parents house so it would be a surprise. I am home more than him and we had a small incident one Christmas where he ordered me a gift from Adore Me and the box gave it away. Needless to say, he learned his lesson, HOWEVER he forgot to add his middle initial to the shipping address and since he and his father have the same name I guess there was some confusion. From what I have been told his Dad didn’t know who sent him a candle… until he mentioned it to my husband.

Now, we are unclear if they had opened it but even if they had, I am an open book and it’s now on here so everyone can know.

If you think this amazing story ends here, you are wrong…

Now the other cool thing about this candle is that is has a loose diamond in it. I know a lot of companies now do the whole jewelry thing but this is something different and fun. I don’t need a big diamond, I already have one of those BUT I was a little curious of what other people had found so I took to the internet.

Since I couldn’t remember who made it and only that it was a MILF candle I took to Instagram first and searched #milfcandle. All that came up there was a picture of some guys shin. No help at all, so then I headed to Google.


Oh Google…


So thinking so sweetly “Google can save me” I entered it into the search bar. At last the companies name came up! I figured, cool, I got it! So I click on images thinking so naively that I could find pictures of what I was looking for…


NOPE! One big gigantic NOPE!


I cannot unsee what I found. For goodness sake, I read and review romance books, I know a few things… but this, this I can never unsee!

Pages and pages of unseeable things. And don’t even bother asking why I kept scrolling. I do not have a good answer other than I really want to see a diamond size. I was praying tucked in the middle of all these XXX rated images one would pop up. Things were certainly popping up, but not one of those.

And this is all completely innocent yet now I sit in fear that I am going to be tracked for some porn searching. Nope, just little old me, searching for diamond sizes that are found in these candles, totally not looking for what I found.

However, this story was too good to keep to myself so once in a room alone with my husband, and the kids in the playroom (well the boys, the teenager was in her room obviously) I told him I needed him to Google search MILF candle. Not thinking anything of it, he did… and now I am no longer alone.

After all that, how could he not get it for me?!

So now I sit here, next to my candle, that thankfully smells good or the 70 hours it needs to burn to get me my diamond would suck, just being reminded of how we got here.

And at the end of the day, how could I not share this little piece of comedic gold with all of you?

So learn from my mistakes, Google with caution but love these awesome Foreverwick candles!

20190430_122204_wm (1)

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