Pink Bits

I was in need of this book. I read an excellent book that had my anxiety high but I needed one right away to reset. It couldn’t just be any book. This book had would have to be funny, sexy and a great story. Lucky for me Pink Bits by JB Heller was that triple threat.

The plot of this comedy is- Did you know the medical term for a butt crack is intergluteal cleft?

My name is Reagan, and spouting random facts like this one at inopportune moments is my affliction. I’m chronically awkward, socially inept and completely lack a filter. Believe it or not, men do not find these attractive traits.

When my sexy-as-sin neighbour barges into my apartment at the arse crack of dawn, everything changes. For some strange reason, my brand of crazy doesn’t send him running for the hills. Instead, he settles in for a nap on my couch…

Oh, and did I mention he was completely naked?

My View- I was absolutely captivated by Reagan as I possess a few of the same quirks. I actually had a job in customer service where my nickname was Google because I not only am a bucket of random knowledge but if I don’t know it, I will find out.

Unfortunately my eyelash tech has fallen prey to these conversations of mine. I would just like to apologize to her fiance now in case he ever searches her google history after one of my visits. It is completely my fault you may find searches for sexually aggressive dolphins and gang banging whales. I told you, random facts and a missing filter leads to awesome stories. One of the many reasons this story is a hit.

The other would be Rhett and his own personal challenges and changes. It’s always a massive plus when you can dive into the male mindset.

This book is seriously a triple threat, which was exactly what I needed and I highly suggest you pick it up yourself.

Click here to pick yours up…

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