This Is How Lifetime Movies Start…

I often mention my questionable decisions. Some are more so than others but one of the biggest ones was made 8 years ago today, when I left a bar and didn’t tell anyone where I was going.


That is right, pure Unsolved Mysteries, Law & Order SVU and To Catch A Predator stuff right there. I mean how many Lifetime movies start with “I left my friends at a bar, to go on a date without anyone knowing.” I was even on crutches and in a full leg brace which would have made me a real easy victim.


Ya, exactly…

To make it even better, as we continued dating in secret, I would leave the state to go see him. Again, without anyone knowing.


Seriously, my teenage daughter isn’t getting away with anything having a Mom like me that makes amazing decisions like that. Mom wrote the book and can see it coming from a mile away, homegirl.


Anyways, back to the beginning, 8 year ago today…


Maybe now that the initial shock of my actions has worn off I can share with you why this wasn’t actually the craziest of ideas.

I left that night to go on a date with someone I had known for many years. Someone who had been in the same social circle as me.

I left that night to go on a date with my best friends, best friend who was also a best friend to a ghost from my past.

Now you get the secrecy? No need to get others involved until we knew what was going on ourselves.


See perfect sense… (minus not telling anyone where I was going)


Now here we are 8 years later, having been married for 4, spending our day arguing about missing socks, what to have for dinner and why I won’t quit my job…


So Happy Best Questionable Decision Anniversary!


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