So I Caught My Daughter Watching Sex Education On Netflix…

Update: Season 2 is here so let’s recap on season one…

The other day I posted on my Instagram story how I caught my teenage daughter watching Sex Education on Netflix, which then forced me to watch it to see what I was dealing with. Let’s just say, if not already obvious, that now I need to share my thoughts.


First off, before we jump to the Mom shaming judgements, yes I did in fact put restrictions in place to keep her from watching TV-MA. It was actually the first thing I did when we set up her SmartTV, however I clearly do not have a normal 14 year old. Apparently, I have a child with a hacking technology manipulation talent. She’s not at a criminal level (at least I pray not) but only things like her school Chromebook that the district prides themselves on security and now apparently her SmartTV. Bathing suit shopping in math class and getting on social media is one thing, TV-MA could be a bit of a rabbit hole.

But hacking being technology manipulative is not what we are here for. No, we are here for the porn I caught her watching. Yes, that’s right. Teenager porn. Although the show is TV-MA, it is teenager based.


The premise is actually a good one. In case you didn’t know, I am nowhere close to a naive parent, it may be one of the few plus sides to becoming a Mom at 22. I am aware this is a subject matter that is occurring younger and younger. Do I condone it? Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, NO.

What I do want to point out is that the age range on the show is 16-18. If I was dealing with a 16-18 year old, this may be a completely different post. But I am dealing with an almost 15 year old. I told her I was uncomfortable watching it, she asked why since I’m an adult, and then I finally yelled “AND YOU ARE NOT!”

Okay, back to the premise…

The show handles some pretty significant subject matter and is delivered in a great way using British humor. I will say that I am a fan of my daughter enjoying that kind of humor, which her Step-Dad and I are huge fans of, but again, this show is graphic. As an adult it is “soft”ish but for my 14 year old daughter it is too much. I will tell you though, if you are sitting there, reading this, and thinking “my child isn’t watching this”, think again because you most likely are VERY wrong. I now know for a fact that this show is extremely trending with her peers.


Now, in no way, shape or form am I against this show. A couple of episodes in I actually started thinking “if this wasn’t so graphic it would be awesome sex education for older teens”. They very much handle difficult subject matter in a wonderfully relatable way and although as parents we want to pretend these are not things, we have to think back to when we were teenagers and some of us unfortunately just have to say “shit”.

My final words of advice on Sex Education to another parent is this – preview it yourself. That way you know either what they are watching, what they are about to watch or even be prepared for some questions that may be coming your way. I know that I even learned some things to help me raising a couple of boys.

So happy viewing, and I highly suggest closing your blinds first…


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