Hidden Pleasures

Okay, the month of June is absolutely insane for me so to keep up with my very overloaded schedule and goals list, I will be featuring short stories. Since most romance books can be seen as a short story, there was a criteria that had to be met. Each one had to be under 80 pages. Truly a quick read which is exactly what Hidden Pleasures by Lucia Jordan is.

The plot of this 52 page story is – If real estate broker Madeline Swift wants to keep her job, she needs to make a sale and she needs to make it fast. So when a new client is in the market to buy a property, they’re assigned to the disheartened and severely unoptimistic Madeline who comes face to face with the man on whom her job now depends – Liam Benedict.

But Liam is no stranger to Madeline. The boy she had been infatuated with as a sophomore in college is now a man who’s nothing like what she remembered. He’s older, more sophisticated, gorgeous and impossibly hotter with a new cool, calm authoritativeness that excites and intimidates her at the same time.

Liam knows exactly who Madeline is, and plans to seduce her into a world of sensual exploration that she had been too naïve for all those years ago. The question is—is Madeline now ready for everything that Liam has in store?

My View– Okay, so if you are looking for a quick read to “get your engine running”, Lucia Jordan should always be your go to. This book is a dom/sub story which always intrigues me BUT this is a sadistic dom story which is an automatic NO in my book. Yet, here we are because curiosity normally gets the best of me. What can I say? I like to learn new things.

Now, does giving up control in the bedroom sound appealing to me? Good luck finding anyone who says no (unless there is some baggage behind it which case, then I give you a high five) but going as far to wanting to injure someone for the sole purpose to getting off, completely not my thing. But to each their own which is why we are still here…

So, if you are into that type of thing, this book is for you. If it’s not but you are intrigued by things you don’t understand, this could also be for you.

Happy reading and watch your behinds…

Pick up your copy here


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