Indecent Proposal

Okay, the month of June is absolutely insane for me so to keep up with my very overloaded schedule and goals list, I will be featuring short stories. Since most romance books can be seen as a short story, there was a criteria that had to be met. Each one had to be under 80 pages. Truly a quick read which is exactly what Indecent Proposal by Louis Marley is.

The plot of this 48 page story is – One girl, one question, one huge mistake …

When Megan sees a photo of her rock star boyfriend Ryan with another girl, she dumps him and heads off to Sorrento on holiday. Unfortunately Ryan’s had exactly the same idea…

My View – So you know what they say about tabloids? Well, this is why I am thankful I am not famous nor the significant other of someone famous. Pretty sure if I was I would never leave the house.

When my husband and I first started dating I changed my hair color from bleach blonde to a deep dark red/purple color. One weekend his other friends than our mutual ones from our teenage years, met me with my blonde hair. The next weekend my hair was dark and one of them actually asked another “why is he cheating on that blonde girl? I liked her”.  After we were done getting a laugh out of it we explained he was simply cheating on me with me and it was all good. Eight years, children and marriage later, we are all good with still zero cheating but this incident was in a small circle. Could you imagine if the world was watching? No thanks.

Back to the story. It packs an emotional punch in it’s short pages that seems to lead into a second book. I however am on a mission and will just have to bookmark that for another day…

Pick up your copy here

Screenshot_20190607-081940_Amazon Kindle (1)

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