Parenting With Creativity

There are many joys to raising a teenage daughter. If you have one, then you can sense my sarcasm. If not, let me fill you in on a bit.

To start, I just want to state that I love my daughter. I had her young (22) which has been a blessing and a curse. I am what you would call her “default parent”. When times get tough, I’m the one who gets the phone call(s) but when it’s time to thank the parent who got you through middle school, I am sought out in a crowd to get a heart felt applause from her. We often say “me and her against everything” and she has now reached an age where I want to take her to do things with me where others might choose their best girlfriend. But not all times are sunshine and rainbows.

There are unpredictable mood swings, the surge of hormones, tons and tons and tons of drama, laziness and an addiction to screen time… which have lead us here to this, the state of her bedroom.

By 15 years old you should no longer require your parents to clean your room. And we have tried everything, except my husbands new plan.

We have disconnected her tv, taken her phone away, let a friend help, threaten to switch her room with her brother and finally… to throw it all away. That last one is a ridiculous threat and although I know my husband would do it, we spent money on all that stuff. With everything else I have found her lying in bed or saying “I’m organizing my makeup.” Well that’s cool but how about all your clothes that for some unknown reason are on your floor and not in your large walk in closet? Your four year old brother could live in that closet! No? Okay, cool. My favorite response yet is “but now you can open my door and walk in”. Ugh!

So my husband has come up with this genius plan…

You see, once upon a time I had a tween that was OBSESSED with One Direction. It was the first concert she had been to that her Aunt was brave enough to take her to. For the longest time it was all things One Direction.

Then the inevitable happened, she grew up and out of that teeny bopper stuff and got a more “mature taste”. Like, I had to go into her Pandora account and start editing. I get it, this is what they listen to these days but no 15 year old needs to be listening to the “trap music” station. So needless to say, One Direction was no longer cool and considered a slightly embarrassing time.

So, let me tell you how we got great joy, and revenge, using that time in her life against her.

The thing is, my husband installs wall covering for a living. He is a licensed General Contractor but wall covering is his specialty. If it can be put on a wall or ceiling, he can do it and he is one of a handful that can say that. Yes, I am a proud wife, but this time we worked that to our own advantage.

We knew this was going to be an amazing idea that would just have to be captured by video

But don’t you worry, we are aware of her skills of ignoring it or finding loopholes but that is actually why there is another one in the basement waiting to go up if needed

Like I tell everyone – “Parent with humor or you’ll never get out alive”


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