Help, I’m Going Out With A Jerk Again

First off, I have to apologize to Riley Baker. She sent me her book through my old Instagram account and I told her it was up next. Then June came and life was so intense that I could only do “quick reads”. I kept meaning to message her from my new account and explain it all to her but each day would pass with me forgetting. However, I never actually forgot about her. In between the “quick reads” I was chipping away at her book. So here it is, My View of Help, I’m Going Out With A Jerk Again, finally!

The plot of this 184 page book is – Does The One even exist? Do you believe in it? And that years doesn’t matter?

Clumsy Amy bumps into The One at a young age, but the story is not so simple. Amy’s special peculiarities – beside the fact that she is lame in love – she can talk herself out of anything and anyone in a split second. Can she talk herself out of love? If their relationship comes to an end, does that mean their story is ending too? Will fate write The One back into Amy’s life?

My View– I am going to be really honest here but stay with me. Like the book, it will get better as it goes. To start, this is a Y.A. which is not exactly my wheelhouse but there was something about Riley and I had to give it a look.

I went into Help, I’m Going Out With A Jerk Again almost with the mindset of seeing if it would be okay for my teenage daughter. The answer- YES! For a good portion I was reading it as if I were my daughter (much different than how I read) but as the story grew, it grew on me and I was hooked. 

If I had to pick my favorite part it would be the final chapter and epilogue but to understand the power in those words you have to start at the beginning. 

Click here to pick up your copy and start your journey today!



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