Rain, Rain, Go Away…

I love my husband, I love my children. What I don’t love so much is being trapped inside with them, for two long rainy days, on vacation.

This year we wanted to do an easier and less expensive vacation with the kids. Last year we traveled a lot.  We were very blessed with my husbands work trips, a family reunion and an amazing cruise but this past year has kicked my ass in the stress department and I just wanted simple. I just wanted to relax. I wanted to be zen hanging out at my in-laws lake house but instead, my sanity is holding on by a thread.

Two days. Okay, not yet two only one and a half but I’m venting so two it is, inside with an almost fifteen year old, an eleven year old and a four year old. The fifteen year old would love nothing more than to sleep all day. I don’t blame her. The eleven year old has a new found respect for napping, understandable but mainly because of the adorable, darling, insane four year old. Mr “I’m lucky I’m cute”, Mr “good luck sleeping past 5:00 am if I’m around” himself. I would tell you he is like wrangling in a tornado but that would be an understatement. We have books, we have games, we have his tablet, we have a tv, we have made him a fort. Will any of those do? Of course not. Don’t you know throwing things at the ceiling fan and hoping they land on top is where it’s at? Extra points if let’s say a rock lands on one of the blades when it’s turned off and your big brother takes the rock off his head once it’s turned on because no one told it was there. Not even close to making that one up.

The Mom in me knew what needed to happen. The teacher in me sure as hell knew what needed to happen. They need to be outside, but since that wasn’t happening, a dollar store trip needed to happen, immediately! 

Seeing as I had important book release blitz business to handle (seriously a good one and you should totally check it out) , my dear, sweet husband said he would go. Since I was working while being pegged with poker chips (another fun game) I agreed. I know I should have asked more questions before he left but I didn’t. I probably should have made sure he was going to the right store. It is completely on me that he went to The Family Dollar store instead of the real dollar store, Dollar Tree. You may be thinking “no big deal” but that would be incorrect here. First off, rarely anything is actually a dollar at Family Dollar. Second, they never have what I’m looking for. The Dollar Tree is where it’s at.

By the time my treasure of a husband returned home, I had finished my work and my sanity was still holding on by a thread. That’s where my mindset was at when I finally found out where he had been. He returned home with coloring books (that we already had) and a geo digging kit which is cool but they have them at Dollar Tree for $1 and then you can get one for each kid for the same price, Crazy, I know.

So, after some yelling I may not be proud of, everyone got in the car and we were off to the real dollar store. It was like beams of light were shooting out of the sky when I saw it. You know that high pitched “Ahhhhh” moment. Ya, that one.

Now let’s be real, if you are ever going to let your children have a free for all in a store, it should be a dollar store. We left with a few bags of things to get us through the rest of the rainy day and just as we stepped out the door, the rain stopped and those beams I thought I saw were in fact the sun trying to break through. Big relief to know the stress hadn’t gotten me to the point of hallucinating things.

Although this tends to be how life goes, I regret nothing about our shopping trip. The way I see it, everything needs to still dry out and this mom needs to stay sane.

Now let’s talk about cell phone notification noises…


Point Blur_Jul232019_125846_wm

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