Two Hearts

There are a couple of reasons I picked up Two Hearts by Melody Grace, but the main selling point is the Cape Cod setting. Second would be that it is summer and I am all about vacations.

The plot of this 259 page book is – Alice Evans wants to shake things up. Two years after tragedy first brought her back to Cape Cod, she’s still going through the motions, stuck in the same old routine. She’s looking for something to get her heart racing… Something, or someone — like the handsome stranger who comes roaring into town on a classic motorcycle, turning heads and sending the summer temperatures soaring.

Jackson Kinsella isn’t looking to be tied down. A world-class photographer, he’s just in town visiting his grandfather and getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. But the mysterious brunette he meets on the Fourth of July won’t let his mind rest, and the sparks between them are anything but relaxing…

The connection between them is immediate, and soon, their romance is heating up Sweetbriar Cove. But can Alice find the strength to start over? And will Jackson’s restless spirit keep him from true love?


My View– This book is a prime example of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. When you look at it you may think a cutesy small down beach read, and that is exactly what you will find until BAM – you catch yourself legitimately laughing out loud. This book has got some great comedy to it which was unexpected and very welcome.

It also takes place in Cape Cod which I mentioned previously, and is in the plot. No spoiler alert there but it actually did something for me. You see, I actually went to Cape Cod Community College for a semester. I have lived on the Cape off season and I have worked at the mall. Once you do those things, your view on the Cape can change. It loses it’s romantical vibe, the one that draws in the masses every summer. It can become a place you dread actually returning to. It loses it’s magic, but Melody Grace brought back some of that magic for me. She reminded me why I loved going there as a kid and all the parts I did love about it. Thank you Melody for that.

And for the record- there was enough room on that raft/door…

To experience your own piece of the magic, click here




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