Kiss Me Again

Now this is a review that I have written many drafts of. Those other versions will most likely end up on Goodreads or Amazon, but my honest review of Kiss Me Again by Vivian Wood is below.

The plot of this 344 page book is – Rachel.

The rich girl who stole my breath away ten years ago.

The one who had a Navy man like me wrapped around her little finger.

The only person to make my heart ache.

When I disappeared from her life five years ago, I never thought I’d see her again.

And yet here she is, at my ranger station, looking as surprised as I am.

When my boss tells me that Rachel is my summer assignment, I groan.

No good can come from opening up the old wounds.

Rachel demands to know where I’ve been.

I don’t have the heart to tell her the unvarnished truth.

But that doesn’t stop the heat between us.

I dream of plowing my hands into her hair, bending her back, and making her mine once more.

My dark secret, her broken engagement, and so much water under the bridge threaten to shake our very foundations. 

Will we be able to put love first this time around?


My View– This book was an emotional one… for me. You see, I have my own PTSD diagnosis under my belt. Unfortunately watching your husband be revived twice after grand-mal seizures send him into respiratory arrest has some repercussions. Turns out he had Epilepsy this whole time and we never knew it until that day. Now get to live my life knowing that just one more could take him. You know that Disney star that recently passed in his sleep and everyone went nuts over? Ya, that my reality every day. A big portion of my reading is to escape that reality.

With that said, I tip my hat off to you Vivian. You clearly have a grasp on PTSD and portrayed it so accurately through your words. The struggle is real and you get that. You also beautifully highlighted survival tricks, and showing their love guiding them through was written so accurately. There is a reason my husband and I hold hands every night when we fall asleep, and it’s more than me just being insanely in love with him. 

This story was beautiful and although it did trigger me (may want to add a PTSD trigger warning), if it hadn’t I don’t know if I would have been able to fully appreciate the power of your story telling.

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