Burn For Me

If I ever had a thought I should be a lawyer, they were put to bed with Burn For Me by Lea Coll.


The plot of this 342 page book is – He’s gorgeous, charming, and irresistible – and he knows it.

We’re in competition for the same job and nothing will stand in my way.

Not his sparkling blue eyes, cocky smirk, or those dimples.

Too bad he didn’t get the message.

He says I’m a challenge he can’t resist.

And I’m playing with fire.

All I want is for him to burn for me.


My View– I get it, I do, arguing is hot. My husband and I actually find bickering as a way of showing affection and a form of foreplay. We are both taurus so that may be part of it but there is a certain heat that comes with sparring with someone of equal intellect. A heat that transforms the pages of Burn For Me.

It also features great moment of light suspense and questioning. Or as I like to call it – “logical time”. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Burned For Me and am now going to convince my husband to start running with me.

To pick up your copy click here


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