Secret Smiles

If you are looking for a book full of elements then look no further. Secret Smiles by Laura John has just what you are looking for.

The plot of this book is – After relentless bullying throughout her childhood, Tia Marie Daggen dropped out of high school and home schooled herself, determined to create a better life.Now she is one of the best band managers in the music industry. She starts out on her own when the company she works for screws her over.Her first client? Her old high school crush, Mikey Ecosta. When she let down her guard and lets him in, things don’t go as planned. When he asks for one more chance, can Tia let go of the past and trust him with her heart?

Cocky, self-assured rocker Mikey Ecosta knows his effect on women. He flashes a sexy smile and they’re clamoring for his attention.When he meets his new manager, Tia, sparks fly, but she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length. Just when he finally convinces her to let him in, a lie rips them apart. When the truth is revealed, can he win back the one woman who can bring him to his knees, or has he lost her forever? 

***This book discusses suicide and attempted suicide. In-depth details are not given, but it is spoken about at length. It also talks about mental health and drug addiction. If you feel like these subjects would be hard for you to read about, please avoid.***


My View- Since this book is about bullying and sharing your story, I guess it’s a good time to share mine. If you have already read my Life post If Only She Could See Me Now then you know the gist of it. But there is more, like how I survived.

If you haven’t read it, I was bullied as a child. Back then I didn’t know what that was or that it had a label. Elementary school was hard for me. I had an undiagnosed learning “difference” (I refuse to say disability because there is nothing disabled about me) that really affected me. I didn’t know what was wrong, just that I was struggling, and kids didn’t like me. 

I had one person looking out for me though, my friend John. We were somehow in the same class all of elementary school and he knew this wasn’t something I was in control of. He was a bit different too. In 5th grade we had to memorize and recite it to the class. John was sitting next to me and could see I was just about ready to panic. Then he did something unthinkable. He looked at me, said sorry and then stabbed me in the leg with his pencil. He got himself in trouble but also got me out of the assignment that was troubling me. 

My parents pulled me from that school district for Middle School and then I finally got diagnosed. After the diagnosis I attended an amazing school for kids like me. They gave me the tools I needed and honestly, taught me things that make me good at what I do today. However, during that time I lost touch with John until High School.

In High School, and after, I didn’t make the best decisions but he would still keep an eye on me and check in with me. Most times it was when no one was looking. I never had any romantic feelings for John other than gratitude and friendship.

I will never forget the last time I saw him. He was battling his own demons but was still making sure I was doing okay. Unfortunately a short time after that John was lost to a drug overdose. 

I never got to truly thank John for all he did or the person he secretly was but maybe this is my way of getting to do so. 

Thank you Laura John for giving me the chance to remember. I now have a grave I need to go visit. 
To pick up your copy of Secret Smiles click here



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