Nothing But A Dare

Imagine living your life never turning down a dare. Some may see this as exciting and a way to explore new unknowns. Others may see this as bat shit crazy. I mean, if everyone jumps off a bridge, does that mean you should too? Nine out of ten times there is water under that bridge which can change the question entirely. Okay, maybe that’s a bad example so maybe I’ll just dare you to read My View of Nothing But A Dare by Molly O’Hare. See what I did there?

The plot of this 233 page book is – Nothing But a Dare is a second chance, enemies to lovers rom-com with a curvy, will punch you in the throat heroine, and a hero that will push every button she has for fun. Oh, and did I mention there’s a cat that wears turtleneck sweaters?

After what could possibly be the world’s worst morning, the last thing Abbie expected to see as she walked into her meeting was her childhood nemesis. 

Hunter. Freaking. James. 

The title of world’s worst morning now seemed like an understatement. 

When Abbie walked into the conference room looking like a complete mess, and still killed her presentation, Hunter knew he’d made the right decision signing on with WCM Advertising. He was there for one reason, and one reason only. Abbie was going to be his, even if he had to dare her every step of the way.

Game on.


My View- This book was an entertaining read. I honestly got lost between the throat punching, ass-hat and bare pussy scenes. I’ve got your attention now, don’t I ? Insert a winking emoji face here… haha

I could honestly rave about how entertaining it was all day long, but I’d rather you read it for yourself. I also am very likely to give away more than I should if I even tried…

I ended this book with a smile on my face and hopefully you will too!

Click here to pick up your copy



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