Bittersweet Moments

I am a logical thinker. Sometimes when reading that can be a blessing or a curse and it could honestly ruin or make a story. With that said, here is My View for Bittersweet Moments by Emily Bowie.

The plot of this 256 page book is – Not all true love has fairytale magic. Sometimes happily ever after can be bittersweet. 


I swear I was staring at a ghost. Raya Stratton died five years ago. But one shared look was all it took to open a vault of secrets. With lies and greed unraveling together, we learn that a single mistake could cost both us of more than we are willing to lose. 


The only way to escape my power thirsty father was to leave the only man I ever loved. We were supposed to have our fairytale ending. Instead I tore that chapter out, burning it, along with the rest of my future, in order to protect the secret that would show itself in a few months.


My View – TEAM NATE!


Click here and find out why…


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