Catch Me Twice

My thoughts on Catch Me Twice by Charmaine Pauls can be summed up in 4 simple thoughts…

The plot of this 382 page book is – If a man tells you he’s no good for you, best heed the warning. I learned the hard way. I had Jake Basson’s baby. He left to chase his dream. Now he’s back, demanding a second chance, but why should I give him anything after four years of nothing? No correspondence, no news. I finally have my life back on track. Jake has never been uncomplicated. He never follows the rules. I should’ve known he’d play dirty. He caught me once. I’m not going to let him catch me twice.

My View- 1st.- I am raising a teenage daughter with Daddy issues. It… sucks! BUT I will tell you the same thing I tell her, you are who you choose to be and you act how you chose to act. You are not a victim of your circumstances, if anything you should take it as a gift of knowing the type of man you don’t want to be with. Take me for example, I am dyslexic but you will never see me using that as a crutch. If anything it gave me an amazing survival skills and I can do really fun tricks like paint sayings in cursive  BACKWARDS on windows. Also makes me a pretty kick ass proofreader.

2nd. There is a definite cultural difference between where this takes place and where I am from. I am from Massachusetts, one of the most progressive states, but I am always intrigued when learning about other social norms.

3rd. Control is bad. And if someone with control issues kidnaps you, you should be more than slightly concerned… however don’t let that control comment be confused with bedroom control. That is different, that control is good.

4. The journey may be insane but it always turns out how it should…



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