The Plus Ones

Alright, confession time.. This will be the first and hopefully last time I ever do this. Today I am writing My View about The Plus Ones by Kayley Loring without actually finishing the book. Hear me out though…


The plot of this 248 page book is – Love changes people.

I’m the first to admit that I, Keaton Bridges, used to be an immature, entitled ass.

Okay, maybe I’m the second to admit it—after Roxy Carter. 

That loudmouth.

But I’ve seen what true love has done for my friends, and I want it for myself.

Somehow, I’m the only single guy left.

Somehow, she’s the only single girl.

The only time Foxy Roxy hasn’t been a loudmouth? 

That time we were making out at our best friends’ wedding. 

And every time we’ve seen each other in the five years since then, 

because she refuses to talk about it.

Well, she’s going to have to talk to me now.

It’s the dead of winter, and our six best friends were planning a getaway 

at a Caribbean couples-only resort.

One of the couples had to drop out, and I refuse to be left out in the cold.

All Roxy and I have to do is pretend to be in love for one week so we can 

spend some much-needed time with our favorite people.

And all I have to do is pretend I’m not dying to kiss her again.


My View– So here’s the deal. As I stated above, I have not yet finished this book. I am however a woman of my word, and since I promised a review today, I will be giving you one. So let me tell you what I do know…

In my real life I am 4 main things. I am a Mother, I am a Wife, I am a Teacher and I am a Blogger. In that exact order. Lately the Mom responsibilities have been more than usual, which I should probably write a Life post about one day, but needless to say with my daughters school and health stuff, one of my sons having a traumatic bus experience, sports practices and games (I am a hockey mom), and a sick little 4.5 year old – my reading schedule has been a bit thrown off. 

So let me tell you, that with all this Mom stress I could use a vacation and I would maybe take one if I wasn’t so afraid of what might happen if I did. And that is one of the many reasons I am loving this book!!!

This book is providing me with exactly what I need, an escape from my reality. This book is charming, funny and exactly what my doctor would order if I actually told her all that’s going on.

Now with that said, I am ending this view and going back to getting lost in this book. 

And, I shouldn’t have to say it but, you should definitely click here to pick up your copy!!!

Update: I finished the book and absolutely LOVED it! I may have actually cried because it made me so happy!



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