What’s Your Sign

Every morning I send my daughter some sort of inspirational quote. It doesn’t matter if she is in my home or her fathers, but I firmly believe in starting your day off in a positive direction. I personally like quotes, some like good ol’ fashion horoscopes, either way with so much ugly in the world a little positivity might go a long way. And thankfully I have a very positive My View of What’s Your Sign by Lila Monroe.

The plot of this book is – I’ve never been the superstitious type. Black cats are made for snuggling, and broken mirrors just mean I can’t see today’s epic zit, but getting stuck in an elevator and accidentally making out with my handsome boss on his first day? I don’t have to read the tea leaves to know, this spells disaster for my dream journalism job. With the future of the newspaper in jeopardy, I’m next on the chopping block for sure… until I figure out our new CEO’s one weakness.

And it’s written in the stars.

Turns out, Justin is a major fan of the Gazette’s astrology column. And since our resident mystic has gone AWOL, guess who’s left secretly writing the forecasts? Me!

Soon, I’m using his star sign to nudge him in the right direction – and away from the pink slips. But as Justin and I grow closer, the chemistry between us is sizzling… and my little white lie turns into a galaxy-sized problem. I’m seeing stars – and not just when he kisses me.

Can I find a way out of this celestial mix-up? Or will my forecast spell heartbreak for the both of us? 


My View- Oh Lila Monroe, do you ever disappoint? Here you have brought us another charming, comedy filled, romance. You had me going from laughing to feeling that heightened anticipation from one moment to the next.

Justin and Natalie’s chemistry could be felt right off the pages from beginning to end. You can actually picture them in your head as you are reading it, living it with them. They left me with a satisfied smile on my face.

I 100% recommend checking out this book.

Click here to pick up your copy

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